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In chalonnaise area

Rully white wine

Our Rully white wine is made from the Chardonnay grape variety. The Estate exploits 8.8 hectares for this production, which represents annualy, around 60 000 bottles.

Rully red wine

Ever since wine has been produced in Bourgogne, the Pinot Noir has brought fame to the regions red wines. We have 4.5 hectares.


Being the only variety village aligoté, Bouzeron is an exceptional wine. We possess 2.4 hectares.

Bourgogne aligoté

Often associated with the aperitif Kir. The aligoté is essentially a perfumed wine, fresh, with a ghigh quality potential.

Bourgogne red wine

Our Bourgogne red wine is made from the Pinot Noir, the main grape variety in Bourgogne. 8 000 bottles, from a superficie of 1 hectare, leave our cellars every year.

Crémant de bourgogne

The village of Rully is considered as being the birthplace of the Bourgogne Crement. In order to appreciate it's subtle notes, it should be served between 6 and 8°C